Shampoo Bar

Shampoo bar: Tea Tree, peppermint and eucalyptus.

Directions:  Store bought shampoo leaves a buildup in your hair. When you switch to natural shampoo it takes a few weeks to remove all the residue. Usually within 2-3 weeks. During that time your hair can feel very greasy or just not right. Bear with the process! It will be worth it. Once all the buildup is removed your hair will feel nice and be chemical free! With the natural shampoo don’t use conditioner. If your tips still feel dry add a little coconut oil warmed in your hand to the tips of your hair. Wet your hair, suds the soap in your hair all over, and rinse out. Repeat again. I use warm water. Hot water can damage hair and make it brittle. Make sure you have softened water. The shampoo bars are safe to use on colored hair!

Molds its available in:
Fleur de Lis Rectangle
Fleur de Lis Oval
Life Tree
Olive Branch

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